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Man with Multiple Sclerosis Aims to Inspire Others Through Videos, Music

Trey Farmer of Conyers, Ga., starts his own YouTube channel to chronicle life with MS.

Music has always been central to the life of For Trey Farmer, 31, of Conyers, Ga. In 2007, though, a persistent numbness in his right hand inhibited his ability to play the guitar. The day after Christmas, Trey was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

At Shepherd Center, in the Andrew C. Carlos Multiple Sclerosis Institute, he discovered life was far from over.

“From day one, it’s just been a blessing,” Trey says. “And I couldn’t have a better doctor than Dr. [Ben] Thrower. He’s supportive and encouraging. It’s rare when you think of your doctor as a friend.”

Over the past eight-plus years, as he’s adjusted to his MS symptoms, he’s learned a lot about himself – and others.

“I’m stronger than I thought I was,” he says. “I’m filled with more gratitude and the ability to live in the present. But I’ve also learned, especially from my fellow patients at Shepherd Center, that there’s great resilience in the human spirit.”

That resilience inspired Trey to marry his musical creativity with a desire to be a voice for those on a similar journey. Over the past two years, he’s posted videos on his own YouTube channel that mix thoughts about his daily MS challenges with inspirational songs he’s written.

“These videos are an attempt to make the journey a little bit easier for someone else because I’m so thankful for the people who have done that for me,” Trey says. “This is a gift that I can give.”

The videos are available on his “Trey Farmer” YouTube channel. Trey has also released an EP album and several singles on iTunes. (To find his videos on each platform, search “Trey Farmer”). The first song he posted remains one of his favorites. Trey believes the lyrics to “I Love The Way” reinforce his message that, “We can all make it.”

I’m breathing in the air of peace / I’m breathing in the air of much-needed relief / Life is taking over / I’m feeling a little bit better / I love the way it feels to be alive / I love the way everything feels so right when I can start again…

By Phillip Jordan

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