Atlanta, GA,
09:00 AM

Tips for Caregivers of People with Spinal Cord Injury

Shepherd Center case manager provides insight.

Recovery from a spinal cord injury is unpredictable and can be frustrating. Those who provide care for a loved one with a spinal cord injury can gain insight and encouragement from these tips from longtime rehabilitation case manager Bridget Metzger, CCM.

In this 10-minute podcast, Metzger advises patients and families about caregiving needs once the patient is discharged from rehabilitation. This podcast and others are available at or can be downloaded as an MP3 file from the link above. A transcript of the interview is also available on the Shepherd Center Radio web page.

Metzger helped developed Shepherd Center's e-book titled "Spinal Cord Injury:  A Guide for Caregivers." It can be downloaded by clicking here.

Metzger is is a case manager in the Acquired Brain Injury Program at Shepherd Center. She is also the former director of injury prevention and education. Before that, she worked as a case manager in the Spinal Cord Injury Program at Shepherd Center for four and a half years. Metzger has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from San Francisco State University and a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling from Georgia State University. She is a certified case manager, a licensed professional counselor and a certified rehabilitation counselor. Metzger sits on Georgia State University’s Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Advisory Board, the injury prevention sub-committee of the American Spinal Injury Association, and the Georgia Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund Commission’s Advisory Board.

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