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Shepherd Spine and Pain Institute Enrolling Participants in Multiple Clinical Trials

Pain after spinal cord injury is a common complication.

Shepherd Center, primarily through Shepherd Spine and Pain Institute, is conducting research in hopes of improving the lives of those with pain that is secondary to spinal cord injury (SCI), neuropathic pain and other complex pain syndromes.

Three clinical trials are under way at Shepherd Center to address this issue. Additionally, Shepherd Center has submitted an application to the Department of Defense (DoD) for funding to begin a spinal cord stimulation project designed to modulate pain and motor control after SCI.

Here is a brief overview of these four efforts:

1. CNS Pharma Study: The objective of this drug study is to evaluate the long-term safety of the drug hydromorphone hydrochloride. Study participants are enrolled for about 12 months.

2. Jazz Pharma Study: This drug study is designed to evaluate the effectiveness, long-term safety, tolerability, satisfaction with treatment and health-related quality of life associated with intrathecal ziconotide, a drug for use in severe chronic pain. The study is continuing until the final ongoing study participant either stops taking the drug or reaches 18 months of treatment, whichever comes first.

3. Boston Scientific: This study is designed to evaluate a spinal cord stimulation system with the objective of showing sustained significant pain relief in subjects with chronic pain of the trunk and/or limbs. It will assess reduction of pain after 90 days of treatment.

4. DoD (proposed, but not yet funded): This is a spinal cord stimulation project designed to modulate pain and motor control after SCI. Researchers are assessing the impact of short-term epidural spinal cord stimulation on pain and altered motor control, including that of limb and bladder spasticity that has resulted from SCI. The study will assess different measures of both pain and spasticity to determine whether the severity of the spinal cord injury is related to changes in either pain or motor control during and after the application of epidural spinal cord.

To be considered for participation in a research study, complete the intake application here.

By Lesley M. Hudson, MA

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