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Shepherd Center Employee Finds Fulfillment as a Case Manager

Emily Cade, CRC, CCM, CLCP, case manager at Shepherd Center, returns to her passion – working directly with patients and families.

Q: How long have you worked at Shepherd Center?

I have worked at Shepherd Center for 16 years.

Q: Why do you enjoy working at Shepherd Center?

It’s a multitude of things. The patients and families we serve have always been such an important part of why I love working at Shepherd Center. I also love the family atmosphere we have. My colleagues and co-workers respect each other, work hard and have fun.

Q: What role does a case manager play with a patient and their family?

Once a patient admits to Shepherd Center, the case manager works with them during their stay to ensure they have a successful transition to whatever their next level of care is, be that a return to home with continued therapy services or post-acute therapy, after they discharge from Shepherd. We play that central role making sure the treatment plan moves in the right direction so the patient can have a successful, safe discharge.

We are a friend, confidant, cheerleader and voice of reason for the patient and family. Depending on the day, we may be working with insurance companies, ensuring that the care team is on the same page or helping with discharge planning so families have confidence they can manage the next leg of the race after leaving Shepherd Center.

Q: What do you love about your role in case management the most?

My passion is working with patients and families from the beginning of their illness or injury and being able to step in to be a support system for them.

I also love my colleagues. They make me laugh every day. While I’ve been in various leadership roles during my 16 years at Shepherd Center, I’ve been in the inpatient case management role for one year. The team has been so welcoming and supportive.

Q: Why did you decide to become a case manager?

I’ve worked in several roles at Shepherd during the past 16 years. I started as an outpatient case manager for the outpatient clinics in 2004. From there, I moved into the role of program manager for the MS Institute and then into the director of outpatient services role on the senior management team. While I loved what I did, I wasn’t working with patients and families on a day-to-day basis. In March of 2019, I had a tug at my heart to go back to my roots of working intimately with patients and families. I realized that I wanted to get back into patient care, so I joined the inpatient case management team. It was a leap of faith and one I could not be prouder that I took.

I’ve now been a case manager on the inpatient side for one year. It has really opened my eyes to how much inpatient case managers do and what it takes to have successful outcomes for our patients. I had no clue! It can be challenging, but the team handles it with a smile and a positive attitude. I could not be prouder to work with the case managers and teams at Shepherd Center.


  • Emily has a Bachelor of Science in speech communication education and initially wanted to be a drama teacher. After completing her bachelor’s, she started working at a nursing home as a rehab tech. She fell in love with rehabilitation and decided to get her master’s in rehabilitation counseling.
  • Emily is a die-hard Mississippi State Bulldog, which can sometimes be painful during football season.
  • Emily had twin ten-year-old girls, Berkley and Harper. If she is not at work, you can find her watching the girls either at the soccer field or as they perform magic tricks.


Mississippi State University

  • Master of Science degree in rehabilitation counseling

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Certified Case Manager

Certified Life Care Planner

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