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Shepherd Center Announces New Clinical Trial Dates for Indego® Robotic Walking Device

Volunteers with spinal cord injury needed.

The Indego®, in development at Parker Hannifin Corporation, is a robotic device that allows people with paraplegia and other mobility-limiting conditions to stand and walk. The device is being tested at Shepherd Center.

The first of two upcoming clinical trials will be held this April through June 2014 at Shepherd Center. The Indego team will work to establish clinical evidence that supports submission of the device to the FDA for approval. Persons selected will be seen for a total of five sessions. Session #1 is a three-hour consenting and evaluation process, followed by four sessions, with one hour at each session for walking time. You must have a spinal cord injury to participate in the trial.

The second clinical trial will be held July 2014 through June 2015. Trial sites include Shepherd Center and four additional locations that will be named soon. Be sure to check back at or for updates. Details are still being finalized. Participants must have a spinal cord injury to be a part of this trial.

How to Register to Participate

Please register at Shepherd Center's clinical trials intake site at If you are selected to be further evaluated for trials, a member of the Indego team will contact you directly.

If you have already registered at our intake site, rest assured we have received your information. However, due to the volume of submissions, the Indego team cannot contact each respondent. Please do not contact us to inquire whether you have been selected. If you are selected, we will contact you.

If selected, participants do not receive a stipend or payment. Participants are responsible for all travel and housing expenses during the training. Discounted hotels in the area are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to participate in either of the Indego® clinical trials?
You must fill out the Indego clinical trials intake form and submit it electronically. This form is located at

Do I have to have a spinal cord injury to be considered for the trials?

Is it necessary to have been a patient at one of the trial locations to participate? 

Can I use the Indego if I have a Baclofen pump, insulin pump, supra-pubic tube, foley catheter tubing, condom catheter tubing or abdominal feeding tube? 

Who can participate in the clinical trials?
Primary criteria for participation in Indego® trials are listed below. Please note that additional criteria must also be met for enrollment, and some participants – including those injured for more than one year – may require additional testing to determine bone health.

  • Weight less than 250 pounds
  • Height from 5'1" to 6'3"
  • No tightness in hips, knees or ankles
  • No evidence of osteoporosis
  • Ability to tolerate being upright without getting dizzy
  • Ability to arrange and pay for all transportation and housing during the testing period. Length of testing periods may vary from one to four weeks.

If the team selects me to come for the physical therapy evaluation, will I have a choice in when it is scheduled? 
Yes. We will schedule you at a time and date that is convenient for you.

If the team selects me to come for the physical therapy evaluation, will I have a choice in which study I do? Yes, provided both studies are still looking for people and you are a good fit for both.

Can I do both studies if I want to? 
No, unfortunately not.

If after my physical therapy evaluation takes place I am told I can continue to the Indego walking part of the study, would my walking sessions begin right after my evaluation?  
Yes. The walking portion would begin the next day. Depending on the trial you are being evaluated for, your walking sessions will last for either four more sessions (April to June 2014 trials) or you will be scheduled for sessions three to four times a week for eight weeks (July 2014 to June 2015).

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