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11:30 AM

Podcast Discusses How Families Can Cope with Life Changes After a Loved One Sustains a Brain Injury

Shepherd Center counselor Tana Hall explains the significant role family support plays in the patient's recovery.

Brain injury affects a patient's entire family, not just the injured person, and the support of the patient's family plays a significant role in recovery.

Tana Hall, LPC, is a family counselor for the inpatient Acquired Brain Injury Program at Shepherd Center. Since 2013, she has been helping the families of patients at Shepherd to cope with the life changes that occur when a loved one sustains an acquired brain injury.

In this podcast from Shepherd Center Radio, Hall discusses the family's grieving process and how brain injury impacts the family system. She offers strategies for families to cope with the long-term effects of brain injury. The podcast is available for download at the link above or at

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Hall earned a master’s degree in counseling from Georgia State University in 2001 and is a licensed professional counselor (LPC). She has helped develop curriculum for and teaches a monthly class at Shepherd Center on effective communication using Motivational Interviewing (MI). Hall has given talks and facilitated workshops about using MI in healthcare and about family systems after trauma and brain injury.

Previously, Hall was the director of counseling at an Atlanta non-profit organization that served youth and young adults. She has also practiced as a therapist and social skills teacher specializing in helping parents and children communicate more effectively. Her professional experience also includes several years working as an Outward Bound instructor, leading groups of adolescents and adults in the wilderness; working in schools as a consultant and teacher; and as a counselor for an adjudicated youth program at a residential treatment facility.

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