Atlanta, GA,
16:30 PM

Picking Our Brain with Shepherd Center Discusses Electric Scooter Safety

Emma Harrington, Shepherd Center director of injury prevention, speaks about the Scoot Safe Campaign.

Electric scooters can be a convenient and fun way to get yourself from point A to point B—but it's also important to get yourself to point B safely. The Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety has teamed up with Shepherd Center to create Scoot Safe, the first federally funded, evidence-based electric scooter injury prevention campaign. Emma Harrington, director of injury prevention and education at Shepherd Center, joins Picking Our Brain with Shepherd Center to discuss the campaign.

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“Micro-mobility is new, and it’s fun and it’s easy,” says Harrington. “But we’re seeing several risky behaviors happen on e-scooters.”

In the new episode, Harrington discusses the increase of e-scooter related injuries and deaths, and Scoot Safe’s approach to awareness and injury prevention—ranging from helmet and first time rider education to protected bike lanes and pedestrian and micro-mobility focused infrastructure.

Visit for more information about the project, along with resources, graphics and content any person or organization can download and share.

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