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New Issue of Spinal Column Features Patients Who Found Art and Art Therapy Key to Their Rehabilitation

The newest issue of Shepherd Center's quarterly magazine is now available for download as a PDF file here. Subscribers to the print version should receive copies via postal mail in the coming days.

In this issue, former Shepherd Center patients share how they discovered, or recovered, a love for art through their rehabilitation. Whether it serves as a way to gain confidence, chronicle their rehabilitation progress, or relieve anxiety, art is a driving force in each of these individuals' lives. Capt. Theresa Reer, a U.S. Army veteran who participated in Shepherd Center's SHARE Military Initiative, discovered art forms like pottery helped her channel her emotions in a positive way. After having a stroke, Bradford Ladd documented his progress during rehabilitation with his sketchbook. Finally, Antavious Morgan was unsure what life would be like post-spinal cord injury. With help from art therapy and a newfound love of painting, he found a new source of motivation and encouragement.

The magazine also features these stories among other patient profiles, staff highlights, honorariums, and memorials:

Feeding Mind, Body, and Soul Alexandra Chukabarah, MS, arts specialist at Shepherd Center, explains how art therapy helps patients reach their goals.

Adding a Splash of Color – and a Message of Hope – to the Walls of Shepherd Center Thanks to a generous donor, Shepherd Center staff and patients created a large mural in the Livingston Gym dedicated to sharing a message of hope.

Learning to Play a New Tune Thanks to help from Shepherd Center’s Assistive Technology Center and his therapy team, Clevance Weekes returned to playing the piano after sustaining a spinal cord injury.

“Eclectic on Purpose” The halls and walls of Shepherd Center are filled with an extensive collection of art, providing something for everybody.

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