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Learning Never Stops: Bobby Rosenbleeth's Story

After sustaining a brain injury, Bobby Rosenbleeth's passion for knowledge compelled him to continue learning and pursuing his interests.

Robert “Bobby” Rosenbleeth’s passion for knowledge and personal growth is tough to match. After getting his bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia, the Atlanta native earned his MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Bobby began his career as a financial analyst before pivoting to data science. Over the past decade, he’s worked in leading financial institutions, private equity firms, and higher education.

And twice, he’s had to overcome traumatic brain injuries to keep his love of learning alive.

The first came from a ski accident on Valentine’s Day 2015. The second injury occurred after brain surgery to remove a benign tumor in 2020, resulting in significant ataxia — a loss of muscle control that especially affected Bobby’s physical mobility and speech.

In each instance, Bobby came to Shepherd Pathways, a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation program for people recovering from brain injury. In addition to physical therapy, Bobby fully committed himself to Pathways’ full range of vocational services and occupational and speech therapy — to get back to learning and work.

“I’ve always been a data-oriented person,” Bobby says. “What I enjoy most is that it allows you to find hidden truths that aren’t always self-evident about what creates value in a situation.”

If you’re wondering – yes – that curiosity and desire to dig deep for creative solutions came in handy during Bobby’s rehabilitation at Shepherd Center.

“Although Bobby’s motor speech was affected, he maintained his extraordinary cognitive abilities,” says Zac Bradley, a vocational therapist at Shepherd Center. “I’ve been so impressed with his resilience and pursuit of the life he wants to lead despite the challenges.”

Like most Shepherd Center patients, Bobby learned how to adapt to new ways of doing things and to advocate for himself effectively.

Case in point: In 2021, Bobby failed in his first attempt to earn a data analyst certificate from the Georgia Institute of Technology, primarily due to his speech issues and the difficulty of keeping pace with the accelerated program. Bobby successfully argued for fair accommodations and reapplied for the 24-week program. In 2023, he earned his Data Science and Analytics Certificate from Georgia Tech.

That certificate has already helped Bobby get a new job as a senior data analyst at Genuine Parts Company in Atlanta.

Bobby wasted no time before further enlightening his new colleagues about his experience at Shepherd Center. And recently, Genuine Parts Company took its longtime support of Shepherd Center to the next level.

On August 30, 2023, Shepherd Center formally launched the Genuine Parts Company Vocational Rehabilitation Program. The partnership will enhance Shepherd Center’s vocational services that help patients identify their challenges in returning to work, practice problem-solving, and find available career resources in their communities. In addition to its philanthropic support, Genuine Parts Company also hosts tours for Shepherd Center patients to give them in-person experiences navigating office, retail, and warehouse environments.

“I’m very grateful for the support both Genuine Parts Company and Shepherd Center have provided me to return to work,” Bobby says. “I couldn’t do my job without accommodations, and I’m appreciative of what GPC is willing to provide and how Shepherd Center has educated me on what’s reasonable.

“My advice to others is to keep working hard and keep learning new things,” Bobby says. “Don’t let injuries stop you from obtaining your goals or pursuing what interests you.”

Written by Phillip Jordan

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