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Americans with Disabilities Act Legacy Tour to Make Stops in Atlanta

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on July 26, 2015, the ADA Legacy Tour bus has been traveling across the United States to raise awareness about the ADA and pay tribute to the cross-disability efforts that led to the law’s passage in 1990.

Since kicking off the tour last July in Houston – home to President George H.W. Bush who signed ADA into law – the bus has traveled more than 15,000 miles to 24 states.

Several stops are planned in Atlanta this spring:

  • May 10: Evening reception at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights (NCCHR), part of the National ADA Symposium –
  • May 15-16: Mobility Expo – North Atlanta Trade Center –
  • May 27: Summer Institute on Theology and Disability at Georgia State University –
  • June 12: Shepherd Center
  • June 13: ADA25 Festival at NCCHR, part of the Society for Disability Studies Conference – Hyatt Regency Atlanta –

The above events are open to anyone who would like to see the bus.

The bus is wrapped in photos taken before the signing of the ADA, as well as images of the signing itself. Also, it features a four-panel display on the history of self-advocacy courtesy of the Museum of disABILITY History in Buffalo, a handmade quilt, local and national milestones, new displays on the 2006-2007 Road to Freedom Tour and information about the ADA Legacy Project.

“I personally believe we’ve all benefitted from this law, not just those with disabilities,” says Mark Johnson, director of advocacy at Shepherd Center. “By taking part in the tour, people will have an opportunity to learn about the history and legacy of the ADA. Together we can preserve, celebrate and educate not only this generation but also the next by remembering our collective past and preparing for what’s to come.”

While anniversaries are times for celebration and reflection, Johnson says there is still work to be done. In this spirit, the ADA Legacy Project is promoting the SixBy‘15 campaign (, a project of the Association of University Centers on Disabilities and other national disability rights organizations to advance six national goals by the end of 2015. Those goals are focused on employment, community living, education, transition, healthy living and early childhood.

“These are hearty goals for continued advocacy,” Johnson says, “and this is where the ADA’s legacy is greater than the ADA Generation: It’s about the next generation, too.”

 For more information about the Legacy Project and the 25th Anniversary, visit

Written by Sara Baxter

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