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10 Brain Injury Comeback Stories

These former Shepherd Center brain injury patients share their recovery experiences.

Ten former Shepherd Center brain injury patients share their recovery experiences, providing hope for other patients and their loved ones. Their stories were previously published on Shepherd Center's online newsroom. Click on their names to read more about them.

  1. Chef Jeremy Delaneuville successfully returns to his career and aspires to own a restaurant.
  2. Four months after experiencing a stroke at age 33, Chris Kelly returns to work and his role as husband and father.
  3. Shepherd Center's SHARE Military Initiative gives hope and strength to soldier Matt Burgess, who sustained a traumatic brain injury on the battlefield.
  4. High school student Andee Poulos returns to school and inspires after a near-miraculous recovery from a brain injury.
  5. Yvette Pegues, a mother and brain jury survivor, writes a book with her young sons to help them cope.
  6. The mother of former patient Gip Gayle writes a book about her son's long, but successful recovery from a brain injury he sustained in a hunting accident.
  7. Physician Jan Morgan, M.D., survives a brain injury she sustained in a cycling accident and becomes a vocal advocate for helmet use and biker-protection laws.
  8. Injured in a pedestrian accident, Jay O'Neal completes rehabilitation and returns to college, completes a degree in communications and works as the executive director of an agency that helps people with disabilities.
  9. After surviving a brain injury he sustained in a car crash, Austin Vestal pushes through rehabilitation and returns to running races and his career in sales.
  10. Kenyan pastor The Rev. Martin Mwangi makes his way to Shepherd Pathways with help from his faith community, undergoes intensive rehabilitation for a brain injury and then returns to his homeland to continue his ministry.

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